our products are handmade and handpicked. 

we exist to bring you beautiful products made by beautiful people. our shop is stocked with thoughtfully selected goods to outfit yourself and your home. my hope is that you use these pieces to accessorize your life, while also telling the story of those who made these pieces that now serve a purpose for you.

there's so much more to buying products from CORDUROY. here, you and i both are sitting front row to the stars of this show: the men and women working hard behind the scenes in dark studios, basements, or rented spaces to make it work. 

how cool is that? we are here to cheer them on, support their efforts and show off their goods. 

meet colleen

lover of sewing, drinking red wine, and spending weekends snuggled up with my sweet husband and our english mastiff, effie. i'm crazy about my family and hosting random collections of friends for weeknight dinners. 

i'm also super passionate about both collecting vintage treasures and supporting small businesses. i've seen how supporting smalls shops can be life changing & i try to give as much business as I can to small businesses I love.

i'm here to be your number one fan & learn about you and your products. i'm here to encourage you and support you tirelessly. you make this shop run, thank you.

myself and my husband, mark, package and ship all your products with love from philadelphia, pennsylvania.