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It's almost Mother's Day!

I feel like this day really crept up this year! Perhaps because it's been cold up until nearly a week ago here in Philadelphia, so the thought of the middle of May seemed so far away. Making this list felt a little different this year as this year I'm becoming a mama myself! These are all things I'd personally love to receive, so I have no doubt your mama will love them too. 

Note: half of these items are from my shop and half are from shops I love. I hope you love them too!

1. Get to Work Book | My go-to planner. It's just my favorite. I've tried many planners over the years and this one is hands down my favorite. It actually encourages me to plan and be organized. I'd call that a win.

2. Small Planter | Better yet, go with a beautiful plant and this planter. This is the time to start your garden! Maybe add some herbs on your windowsill in the kitchen to add some brightness and flavor to your summer dishes. Ps. this planter includes a little insert so you can pop your herbs right in there.

3. Art Print | Get her a piece featuring her favorite colors or to fill that frame she's been talking about for months. Plus, whenever she sees the piece, she'll think of you. Brownie points. 

4. You + Me Necklace Set | The perfect way to wear your bond with the lady who raised you. This set comes with two necklaces that fit snug together, just like you and your mom. It's the perfect spin on a friendship/mother daughter necklace without having that written all over. It's a simple way to say I love you. And necklaces for you both!

5. Golden Coast Candle | The most heavenly scent to fill her home. Notes of eucalyptus, sea salt, sage + fir. It's reeeal good.

6. Mamacita Tee | Also available in a crew neck and perfectly encapsulating the beauty that is motherhood. 

7. Looking Good Card | Can you think of a better card for your mama? I don't think so.

8. Great With Child by Beth Ann Fennelly | As a mom to be, this is the best book I could have ever read. It's full of letters from a mentor to her student, which were then passed on, and ultimately published. They are honest and raw and beautiful and I laughed and cried through each story. I read so many of them out loud to my husband. It's perfect for moms to be, but also moms in general. It's beautiful and opens so many conversations.

And lastly, happy Mother's Day to you and yours.