Mother's Day Gift Guide

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It's almost Mother's Day!

I feel like this day really crept up this year! Perhaps because it's been cold up until nearly a week ago here in Philadelphia, so the thought of the middle of May seemed so far away. Making this list felt a little different this year as this year I'm becoming a mama myself! These are all things I'd personally love to receive, so I have no doubt your mama will love them too. 

Note: half of these items are from my shop and half are from shops I love. I hope you love them too!

1. Get to Work Book | My go-to planner. It's just my favorite. I've tried many planners over the years and this one is hands down my favorite. It actually encourages me to plan and be organized. I'd call that a win.

2. Small Planter | Better yet, go with a beautiful plant and this planter. This is the time to start your garden! Maybe add some herbs on your windowsill in the kitchen to add some brightness and flavor to your summer dishes. Ps. this planter includes a little insert so you can pop your herbs right in there.

3. Art Print | Get her a piece featuring her favorite colors or to fill that frame she's been talking about for months. Plus, whenever she sees the piece, she'll think of you. Brownie points. 

4. You + Me Necklace Set | The perfect way to wear your bond with the lady who raised you. This set comes with two necklaces that fit snug together, just like you and your mom. It's the perfect spin on a friendship/mother daughter necklace without having that written all over. It's a simple way to say I love you. And necklaces for you both!

5. Golden Coast Candle | The most heavenly scent to fill her home. Notes of eucalyptus, sea salt, sage + fir. It's reeeal good.

6. Mamacita Tee | Also available in a crew neck and perfectly encapsulating the beauty that is motherhood. 

7. Looking Good Card | Can you think of a better card for your mama? I don't think so.

8. Great With Child by Beth Ann Fennelly | As a mom to be, this is the best book I could have ever read. It's full of letters from a mentor to her student, which were then passed on, and ultimately published. They are honest and raw and beautiful and I laughed and cried through each story. I read so many of them out loud to my husband. It's perfect for moms to be, but also moms in general. It's beautiful and opens so many conversations.

And lastly, happy Mother's Day to you and yours.


May 03, 2018 by Colleen Wisniewski


Another edition of styling Corduroy Company pieces! I had such a good time with the first one, so this needs to happen more! Soon I'll get into styling some of the home pieces, but this one features four more accessories.

Here are 4 more casual spring and summer looks featuring FOUR beloved pieces from our shop

Leather Tube Bracelet

Corduroy Company blog

denim jacket // leather tube bracelet // tshirt dress // espadrilles

Woven Tote Bag

Corduroy Company

denim button-up // black jeans // woven tote // yellow slides

Leather Baseball Cap

Corduroy Company

white tee // blue sweater // leather cap // green jeans // brown sandals

Necklace No. 55

Corduroy Company

tank top // red flats // denim skirt // necklace no. 55

April 18, 2018 by Colleen Wisniewski

How to Start a Podcast

So, you want to start a podcast?

You have an idea and want to meet people in the industry, grow your brand, and talk about something that's interesting to you... all while simultaneously marketing your business. Well, the best way to accomplish all of these goals at the same time, is by starting a podcast.

Maybe it's a topic you are passionate about, or a subject matter you feel that isn't already a podcast out there. Or even if there are other podcasts out there with a similar topic, don't let that stop you! 

Let's get started! 

First things first, you need a microphone

Don’t even think about just using your computer’s mic. Buying a quality microphone will make your podcast sound less like a high school english project and more like a professional radio show. Now there is so much information out there on microphones, and it can be extremely overwhelming. On critical feature in a podcast microphone is its capability for directional recording. A directional microphone records sound only from one direction. This will help reduce white noise and background noise while recording.

The major two categories of microphones are Condenser and Dynamic. You can read about all of the technical differences between the two microphones, but in short, Condenser microphones are typically more sensitive and tend to have a fuller richer sound than a Dynamic mic. This can be good and bad: if you have a lot of noise in your house like air conditioning, dishwasher, fans etc. a condenser microphone will pick those noises up. On the other hand, if you have a nice quiet space, this microphone can really produce a quality sound.


Next up, you need recording + editing software

There are all sorts of podcast recording software out there. Depending on what type of podcast you are going to do, you can go a couple different directions. If you are chatting on your own about a topic, I'd recommend Audacity. It's a simple and free tool to edit sound clips. Honestly, you can get away with using Garageband and sometimes I even use Adobe Premiere Pro. I know I’m not editing video footage, but I am comfortable editing in that software, so I just edit the sound there and export it as an MP3 file. It works! Just use what is comfortable for you, or if you don’t know any software, YouTube videos are extremely helpful for learning the basics and even expert tips on editing.

However, if you are doing more of an interview style podcast, I recommend interviewing over Skype and purchasing Ecamm Call Recorder. It is the simplest way I've found to be able to chat with other industry professionals and have it recorded. The positive of this software is its convenience and simplicity.  The downside of recording over skype is, the quality. If your guest is recording into a cheap microphone, or headphones the sound quality of your podcast will suffer.  Nothing beats the sound quality of recording guests in the studio, but if you are recording from different locations, this software Ecamm Call Recorder is simple, easy and convenient.

Decide where to host your podcast

Before you go to upload your podcast to iTunes or Stitcher, you need to find a place to store your podcast audio files. There are countless podcast hosting servers out there, but the most common are Soundcloud, Libsyn, and Blubrry. These are usually as simple as uploading an audio file from your computer to the server. Most of the hosting sites have tiered options based on how much content you plan to upload. With Soundcloud for instance, the first 180 minutes of uploads are free. So if you know you are uploading less than 180 minutes, this is a great free option. Soundcloud Pro ranges from $7-$15 per month. Libsyn ranges from $5-$75 per month. Blubrry ranges from $12-$80 per month. There are others out there too!

Create a logo!

This was the fun part (for me atleast): putting together a logo that suits your new podcast. Get creative with it! I recommend using Canva or Photoshop and putting together a graphic that stands out and suits you. Be sure to browse the iTunes feed if you are lacking in inspiration.

Upload to Itunes, spotify, or stitcher.

Once you have your audio files hosted somewhere, you can can upload the RSS link to where ever you want to have your podcasts out for public consumption. You can find the RSS link wherever you host your podcast. I had several issues with this at first, but all you need to do is to login here with your account and submit your RSS link. Once your RSS link is submitted it may take a few days for them to approve and publish your content. 

And that's it! Now sit back, admire your work + share it with everyone you know! Send it my way too! I'd love to take a listen. 

Be sure to take a listen to the Corduroy Company Podcast. 


March 29, 2018 by Colleen Wisniewski

Corduroy Company Pieces Styled

Curious how to style some of our pieces for spring? We've got you covered. Welcome to this newest series on Corduroy Company, where I show you some pieces that could work well with some of my current favorite picks from our shop! 

Since our shop does not sell clothing, I'm excited to pull some pieces from some of my favorite retailers + show you how to style four of our pieces.

Keep in mind, I work from home, and my style is extremely casual (if you can't tell from here!). I don't often 'dress up' so I love mixing and matching my most basic pieces and making new looks.

First up, Necklace No. 59

One of our newest pieces, necklace no. 59 makes such a bold statement! Put this necklace on over a bright bell sleeve blouse and some simple jeans and sandals. The boldness of the top is very much balanced by a simple bottom half.

Woven Black Clutch

The black pom clutch: one of our most popular pieces! In fact, the blush clutches flew out the door. I love the idea of adding it to a casual day outfit. A light jacket, a simple gray t-shirt dress, with a pair of blush sneakers. I'd wear this alllll spring.

corduroy company shop style jewelry accessories

jacket // gray dress // pink sneakers // pom clutch


Tassel Necklace

Wearing a sweet patterned dress? Add our fun tassel necklace, a long cardigan and a pair of coral wedges. I love how the tassel necklace is simple, but just adds a little bit of flair. 

gray cardigan // kimono dress // tassle necklace // espadrille wedges


Gray Wool Baseball Cap

This is a super simple look. Almost too simple! I added a pink cardigan to add a bit of color to the otherwise black and gray look. Tossing on a gray baseball cap makes it even cooler. 

corduroy company style

tank top // denim skirt // blush cardigan // gray baseball cap // braided sandals

March 23, 2018 by Colleen Wisniewski

Meet Our Newest Shop Vendor - Haley Vera

corduroy company habitual threads

Meet Haley, the maker behind Habitual Threads and a fellow Philadelphian. Haley makes jewelry that is:

"thoughtfully designed, bold, & one of a kind, like the lives of the women who wear them."

We are so excited to feature a small collection of Habitual Threads pieces, and I've secretly been styling them while I'm working around the office. ;) I love the boldness of these pieces, but how they actually feel organic at the same time. 

Corduroy Company Shop Habitual Threads

      Shop Corduroy Company Habitual Threads

Welcome to our little Corduroy Company community here, Haley! And for those of you who are interested in shopping these pieces, go ahead and click on each item, it'll take you directly to their pages. 

XO, Colleen

March 20, 2018 by Colleen Wisniewski
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